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I am the Lord, the God of all people on earth. Is anything too difficult for me?

Jeremiah 32:27, TRB

Which Is Easier to Read?

The Readable Bible is Scripture the way it would look if Moses, Joshua, Matthew, Mark, Paul, and the other writers had been sitting in front of a computer when God spoke through them. The first of its kind, it is primarily a word-for-word translation that arranges the text in the easy-to-read formats of today’s books, making it both accurate and understandable.

27 Volumes (First Volume Releasing in 2021)

Use these convenient editions of each book (or a compilation of multiple shorter books) for personal devotions, group Bible studies or to share God's Word with friends and family. 

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Entire Bible (Releasing in 2022)

Enjoy the the easy-to-read format of The Readable Bible in one comprehensive volume. You'll have all you need from God's Word in one place. 

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Book of Genesis

Experience Genesis with easy-to-read charts showing genealogies, lifespans and more!

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Book of Exodus

See the tabernacle specifications in visual format and the Book of the Covenant in law book form.

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Book of Numbers

See how much easier Numbers is to read with helpful charts, tables and maps!

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Book of Psalms

Enhance your devotions by reading the Psalms in flowing cascading text. 

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Book of Romans

Increase your understanding of the gospel message with easier-to-read formatting.



Readable Bible
is a perfect
introduction to
the Christian
faith for

Pastor Jim Eubanks, Brookville Bible Church (retired)

I believe that this translation and its helpful notes will be a significant contribution to the translations available to contemporary readers of the Bible. It is easy to read and accessible. 

Dennis Horton, Director of Ministry Guidance, Baylor University Dept. of Religion

I use
The Readable Bible
Psalms for my
sermon preparation.
The format makes
the flow of thought
much easier to

Pastor Steve Schoof, Marco Island Presbyterian Church

Exodus was so very easy to read, I didn't want to put it down.  I never really understood a lot of what I read in the regular Bible, so this was very refreshing to be able to read and understand what I was reading.  Thanks!

Reader in Florida