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The Readable Bible is Scripture in today’s formats, the way it would look ifMoses, David, and Paul were sitting at a computer when God spoke to them.

Today’s readers struggle with the Bible. Long, complex sentences, old fashioned “holy” words, and page after page of plain paragraphs make for difficult reading. Over the past 50 years, publishers have tackled the problem by moving further and further from the text—from literal translation (KJV, NASB, ESV), to thought-for-thought translation (NIV), to paraphrase (TLB, NLT), to loose paraphrase (The Message, which often leaves the reader with little idea what the biblical text actually says). The Readable Bible reverses this trend. It presents the literal text, but presents it as:

  • Cascading text
  • Agreements
  • Narrative paragraphs
  • Census tables
  • Outlined law codes
  • Numbered steps
  • Specification documents
  • Assignment tables
  • Callouts